WE ARE specialised in detecting illnesses before it happens. We are a comprehensive health management centre catering to the concerns today over the unhealthy habits of an urban lifestyle, environmental pollution, modern day stress, electro smog, fast food or modified food culture and bombardments of contradictory and confusing health information. Not to mention, ignorance on health matters!
B4ItHappens Strives to RESTORE INNER WELLNESS in this modern World


B4ItHappens attempts to COMB the world for Available NATURAL Complementary Methods & Functional Food, to DE-STRESS, DETOX, REVERSE & RESTORE our INNER YOUTH & WELLNESS.
Combining knowledge of Conventional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Biophysics, Nutritional Therapy & Biology, B4 approach is to put together high efficacy methods & nutrition to nip the ROOT cause of Modern Disease
In our Modern distorted and overly stretched World, mankind is being exposed to continuous radiation and synthetic sustains whether through food or air on a daily basis. The exploding world population and the need to get things done at lightning speed means we are living in an era where human are “test tube” or “gene pigs” for every new inventions, be it technological, medical or nutritional, all in the name of advancement!
As a result, we have been for the last few decades, been victim of “modernization” resulting in Modern Diseases.