Monday, 10 October 2011


By identifying distortions in the human body field and using state of the art Bio-Resonance techniques, we identify problems at its roots cause for a lasting and permanent recovery.

 3D Molecular Resonance Analysis is an advance bioresonance technique for evaluating the energetic and qualitative state of the human body through an organ by organ basis. It allows for the discovery of energetic weaknesses and imbalances on the organ structures and the evaluation of health conditions and stressors against its vast database.

The advance 3D modeling technique allows for examining the state of decline or improvement from a single session.
• Provides you with a powerful assessment that gives an incredibly detailed and accurate, qualitative evaluation of the functional state of the body, its systems, organs, tissues, cells, cell organelles and chromosomes at an informational level.
• Allows for evaluation of individual body systems, includes; Nervous system, Spine and Musculoskeletal system, Cardiovascular system, Respiratory system, Digestive system, Endocrine system, Urogenital system, Lymphatic and Immune systems, as well as allowing for a qualitative biochemical analysis.
• Extremely quick evaluation/examination with immediate results - examination of an organ can be done in seconds.
• Identifies informational disturbances/losses early - before obvious signs and symptoms appear.
• Identifies pathogens and common allergens.
• Provides you with the means to help correct the underlying energy-informational deficiencies and losses that lead to physiological stress, weakness and disturbed homeostasis.
• Monitors the effects of any treatment program or lifestyle changes with track able and comparative scans.

      The NES Human Body Field Scan communicates with the intelligence of the HBF from polarity to emotions to determine the distortions preventing us from gaining optimal health .Many areas are evaluated as a whole from Energy ,Emotions, nutrition, toxicity ….etc

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