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We discovered the triggers and stressors affecting your health and recovery, we can regulate the symptoms more effectively by using natural means.

Body Detoxification Diet, Natural Body Cleansing and Detox Your Body.
Body detoxification is critical to healthcare as exposure to toxins cannot be avoided. Whether it's mercury detoxification, colon detox, heavy metal detoxification, or any other body cleansing process, a natural detoxification diet and herbal cleansing are key.

Toxins can interfere with normal metabolic function so it is important to incorporate into your regular body detoxification routine a natural detoxification of the:
• Liver
• Kidneys
• Skin
• Lungs
• Colon
Heavy metal toxicity interrupts the metabolic pathways of healthy cell function leading to inflammation; mineral depletion and cellular damage. Heavy metal toxicity contributes to autism, Alzheimer's, dementia, hypothyroidism, candida, cardiovascular disease.
We do:

Hydrosonic Oxygen Therapy

3 Features
1) Supersonic wave Energy
2) Far Infra Red
3) Ozone and Negative Ion

5 Major Benefits
1) Internal warming
2) Deep cleansing
3) Total Body massage
4) Exercise & Leisure
5) Beauty whitening, Slimming and Body Contouring
*Experimental result and medical research

Far Infrared Detox/FIR sauna
Major Benefit:

1) Detoxification
2) Assist in Weight loss
3) Helps Clear Cellulite
4) Improved Cardiovascular Conditioning
5) Improves Circulation
6) Enhances Immunity
7) Skin Rejuvenation

* How Far infrared sauna works in our body?

Beside this body cleansing process may include a general detoxification diet and herbal cleansing, as well as a more specific natural body detox, such as mercury detoxification or internal organs detox.

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