Wednesday, 2 November 2011

BLife and Diabetes (Type 2)

The interaction and action of both Insulin and Glucagon depends on effective transmission of chemotaxi signals between the receiving cells and the hormones receptors.

The hormone Insulin must target and dock to the cell receptors on each cell. People with diabetes have problem in the activation of the signal system between the Insulin and the cell receptor and the Insulin cannot target and dock with the receptor and therefore the glucose level in the blood increases creating a Diabetic condition.

Mode of action of BLife

It is well-known that human growth hormone and Phytonutrients have a balancing effect on the blood sugar level.

BLife contains natural Phytonutrients which keeps the Small Intestine in good working condition to ensure transmission and absorption to be clearly registered. Under observation, the Phytonutrients act within minutes via chemotaxi signals to ensure that the Insulin in our blood is properly regulated by maintaining proper feedback with the pancreas in the production of Insulin and Glucagon.


The balance of glucose in the blood stream and uptake into the cells happens at very high speeds. Therefore, small disturbance in this high speed communication can cause major problems. The Small Intestines plays a key role in keeping blood glucose levels normal. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep the Small Intestines and its own immune system in perfect condition.

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“Most Diseases Starts from the Digestive Tract”

Dr Elie Metchnikoff – Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine 1908

Fix The Root Cause FIRST!

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