Saturday, 19 November 2011


B4 It Happens is a comprehensive health management centre catering to the concerns today over the unhealthy habits of an urban lifestyle, environmental pollution, modern day stress, electro smog, fast food culture and bombardments of contradictory and confusing health information

Combining knowledge of Conventional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Biophysics, Nutritional Therapy & Biology, B4 approach is to put together high efficacy methods & nutrition to nip the ROOT cause of Modern Disease

Here is our Step-By-Step Health Restoration Plan to De-Stress, Detox, Reverse, and Restore Your Inner Youth and Wellness.

    Evaluate to identify and uncover the root cause 
By identifying distortions in the human body field and using state of the art 3D Molecular Resonance Analysis,we identify problems at its root cause for a lastingand permanent recovery.

Detox & Cleansing 
Detoxification is the best way to rid your body of physical and chemical carcinogens and a great way to balance your body's pH level, and  to rid the tissues of the pollutants that we tend to accumulate over time.

   Regulate & Restore 
We discovered the triggers and stressors affecting your health and recovery, we can regulate the symptoms more effectively using natural means.   
Nourish & Rebirth
Finally when the body's balance and absorption have improved, we feed it with the correct nutrients that the cells and tissues hunger for.

Enjoy a FREE Spa & Sauna treatment at our centre in Amcorp Mall, and consult us about your health problems today, by registering your details in the green form on the right.  Available for a Limited Time Only.     

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